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Welcome to Country Pickers.

We are the Buell's my wife and I have been pickers for over 35 years. We have picked everything from classic cars (over 200 of them) to sports memorbilia (over $150,000 dollars worth in 2 years). Sold to Bill Harrah (Harrah's Auto Museum) & Al Rosen (Mr.Mint) & yes even to the American Pickers themselves.

      We will buy ANYTHING that we can make a buck at. We do this everyday 52 weeks a year since 1974. Now residing in S.W. Wisconsin. We love farm auctions but also buy entire estates, storage lockers & pick from homes and antique shops.

         We are now looking for a producer for a T.V. deal. We think if anyone can do it we can. Looking for your own picker? We can do that also contact us.



Wanna Be A Picker?


Learn the in's and out's of buying like a picker. We give you the inside scoop on buying, finding, selling, auction etiquette, what to look for, what not to buy, how to find local auctions, who to sell to, when to unload and when to restore. Theres alot more to it than you think. Follow our system and buy and sell like a pro.  We guarantee you will pay for this dvd at your first auction or buy. We have done this for over 35 years. We know the game and we know people. Like G.I. Joe alway's say's "knowing is half the battle". Myself and my many picker friends will show you, us buying real items at real auctions and private dealings. There's alot more to picking than looking good and spending money.


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