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Why did God permit world trade center disaster September 11 2001?
Divine Mercy

  Suggestions: Starting 2010 after (Divine) Mercy Sunday officially declared by The Catholic church the First Sunday after Easter a all year public remembrance of the Bible church teaching.
     Suggestions etc. the bible says "God is creator of Heaven & Earth " Was it a fire meteorite or a "Falling Star" that fell in Livingston Wisconsin April 15th 2010 about 10:00 pm?Is it unusual for volcano in Iceland April 15th 2010? Did he create in his image, likeness the man women, Adam, Eve and their babies? Did God put a "seed" in Adam and Eve that united in their marriage act in Eve's womb and grew feet,legs etc. A mind (soul) ability to have a baby ,when the baby grew up? 
  Take a picture of a new born baby for the parents to give to the child to help understand the meaning of birthday. To exist every man and women had to be a baby and received feet ,hands Etc. Did God create in his image likeness our first parents Adam and Eve? Is God literally our father is in heaven? "Our ancestors are Noah and his Family who survived the Noah flood.Their ancestors were Adam,Eve and children.We inherited their sin punishment away from god called "original sins and death".
      Suggest last Saturday and Sunday of every month  Saturday pretend its last I live Sunday at church pick up Xerox copies of words. what is been done at "our funeral service" Add your name to it Also Xerox copies what will be said,done at "our Burial Service" Add your name to it at church by the alter and ministers table is open casket with a manquin (SP) lying in it after the service close the casket and take down aisle out of the church into the hearst we also drive to the cemetery at the cemetery place casket over grave on a frame the pastor,minister is saying burial words etc.look at Xerox copy and add your name when the casket is lowered in grave ,each person shovel a shovel of dirt into grave. Take pictures of opened and closed casket at church grave. Learn to fear God at my death if my sins are not forgiven on his cross,etc. He will throw me in fire of hell forever or they may be totally forgiven in purgatory (fire) awhile. Then he will give me-us happy heaven forever with God. At gods second coming (from time to time) at the cemetery fly a helicopter below it a sitting maniquin (god) over a loud speaker say "Rise out of your grave" then fly a balloon with a picture of the dead person when alive on it also self balloon self picture on it Build a permanent Beautiful mansion with beautiful furniture in it hearing beautiful music, hear people laughing, beautiful flower garden, delious food etc.Have tours of it Called Heaven build a permanent building called hell ,
         From  the church approved private revelation Portugal.Fatima 1917 the mother of god showed three children human people floating in and out of it with flames coming out of them and them crying with pain and despair Devils looked like awful looking animals,from time to time have tours of it. Peter in the Bible says "The Earth will be burnt up by fire from heaven " on a field build a village etc. with houses, maniquins etc. Schedule a tour when it is to be burned up for some it will be their purgatory. "the heavens will be shaken out of their course "Build a permanent building that trembles when you enter it until you leave stars will fall from the heavens "roaring  of waves people will die of fright "from time to time at noon fly roaring planes dropping artificial stars. "Fear of God" (Luke c.12 v.5) can lead to love of God.Place statues of the father, Jesus,Mary his mother.The cross in front of libraries, schools churches at shopping malls etc. Suggest 1/2 work days weekly or 3 full work days weekly for time needed to learn "Our Father" prayer etc. also   suggest print or write a help to know self and god "Mirror of the mind" by late father Harden(s.j.)(trial - error method)  .
    Example print or write Several God words some "Ask God give love me enemy" Picture enemy in your mind "He wants his will (words) Done on Earth as" mother Angelica's little book of lifes lessons and everyday spirituality. This Book is very helpful learning to love god order number 1-205-271-2989
Suggest also tape self daily rosary one liquid meal with plenty liquids a day EWTN Daily Mass etc etc etc.
                                  Happy "Daily Cross" learning "Our Father"
                    Happy Death
              Should every federal state legislature be given a copy of this?